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All you need to know about hydro extractors

All you need to know about hydro extractors

When starting a laundry business or kitting out a new laundry facility, there are certain types of laundry equipment to buy as a first priority washers and dryers. However, there are other pieces of equipment your business or facility may need, such as hydro extractors for example.

Commercial hydro extractors are designed to extract water from washed clothing, bedding and other fabrics and textiles at a far greater rate than even the best industrial washing machines. They do this by spinning the load at an incredibly high speeds (i.e. 1500 rpm), far faster than the spin cycles of most washing machines.

Benefits of hydro extractors within a laundry business

Commercial hydro extractors offer many benefits for business owners, making them well worth the extra investment. Advantages include the following:

  •   Major reduction in drying times
  •   Reduced energy consumption
  •   Increase in laundry productivity outputs
  •   Less wear on laundered items

What you need to know before getting a hydro extractor

It is important to note that because hydro extractors operate at such high speeds and use a lot of force, they require rigid mounting and very solid foundations to ensure they can be used safely. You should consult an expert before getting one fitted within your business premises.