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Folding the laundry is all in a days work for starlet Michelle Williams

Folding the laundry is all in a days work for starlet Michelle Williams

Hollywood actress Michelle Williams loves folding the laundry when she isn’t starring in a new blockbuster.

Despite being one of Hollywood’s up and coming starlets, the 30-something screen idol says that she loves nothing more than spending time with her daughter and doing the household chores.

In an interview with Stylist the actress said:

“I just wait and see what opportunities come to me. In fact I have a burning desire to stay home and fold laundry and occasionally a piece of work catches my eye and rips me from the laundry pile. But I’m more peaceful, happier, more myself, and better suited to folding laundry.”

Michelle recently starred as Marilyn Monroe in My week With Marilyn but fans might best remember her for her role as Jen in Dawson’s Creek. She says she wouldn’t swap her life with anyone else. She has a seven year old daughter to the late Heath Ledger.

Michele didn’t confirm if she has the time to wash her own laundry or if she uses the services of a laundry company. However it’s clear from the beautiful dresses and the way she is always immaculately turned out that whatever method of laundry cleaning she employs she is doing something right.

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