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A brief explanation about the what each of our
product feature icons represent

Our latest versatile contactless system operates with contactless cards, keys, Apple Pay, android pay & also cashless system to regulate users & usage levels with customisable options.

Approved by Water Technology List which promotes products that encourage sustainable water use & rewards businesses through Enhanced Capital Allowance scheme (ECA).

The process on this machine can be validated by connecting compatible software or a validation systems The OPL Group can provide to prove the process that took place.

The machine has been designed to mitigate water usage and operate with effective impressive results with the lowest water consumption possible.

This machine enjoys a generous capacity allowing more to be processed with each load resulting in an increased throughput and productivity.

SuperBalance is a system whereby the washer will attempt to redistribute the load if out of balance and achieve the optimal extraction every time.

Condenser option on tumble dryers provides a solution whereby a site cannot vent out to atmosphere i.e. a basement or internal room with no route out.

This product is available with the option of steam as the method of heating which is very economic and efficient producing excellent results.

This product is available with the option of gas heating which is a very effective efficient method of heating.

Can be connected to auto dosing pumps which deliver a precise amount of each product at the correct time for optimal results and no messy wasteful spillage.

This product can be operated on either 1PH 240v or 3PH 415v power supply to suit most power supplies making it highly versatile for all applications.

Specially formulated high grade products intended to promote bright vibrant whites and optimal clean impressive results.

Residual Moisture Control allows the user to determine the desired outcome and set a % moisture and the dryer will automatically dry to that setting.

This machine has been designed and produced to have user friendly intuitive features so that the operator has an enjoyable effective user experience.

This machine includes many features that will ensure great results and excellent performance whilst being efficient.

This product has been developed to be effective, yet kind and gentle to the load and not strip or fade the colours and allow vibrant clean results.

This machine has been constructed from high grade robust materials designed to last and withstand heavy usage and should promote a long lasting machine.

This product has been formulated to the highest standards using high grade ingredients and will result in a pleasing fresh fragrance on your laundry.

This machine has integrated savings features i.e. washing machine inc. weighing system to asses load and adjust water, energy & chemicals to suit actual requirements.

This is a feature whereby the oven has pre programmed automatic cooking programs to ensure optimal results for all food types each time.

This product has been manufactured to be a compact space saving item allowing you to site it conveniently and free up space for other requirements.

Features anti bacterial properties to assist in reducing bacteria i.e. Fabrix Detergent includes an additive that kills bacteria, mrsa, listeria, salmonella in laundry.

This products features a user friendly intuitive touch screen for ease of operation with clear simple options for a pleasurable experience using this item.

This oven features a hand held shower option for the maintenance and cleaning and keeping the product in optimum order.

This product includes Combination cooking with steamer options to achieve impressive results and many cooking styles to suit all food types.

This oven includes a food probe which is inserted in the food product and ensures perfect cooking results and monitoring throughout.

This product incorporates a fat filtration feature for the effective and efficient filtering of fat within the process.

HACCP International certified laundry solutions ensures you can achieve highest hygiene & bacteria control, reduce risk in workplace & guarantee a worry-free audit.

WRAS Approval is the easiest way to demonstrate compliance as it is granted directly by representatives of water suppliers & accepted by every water supplier in UK.

Can be offered with option to accept coins (money) or tokens if preferred to restrict users to those granted a token & minimise vandalism by removing cash contents.

PowerBalance is a system whereby the washer will attempt to redistribute the load if out of balance and achieve the optimal extraction every time.

High Spin results in high extraction which promotes dewatering & reduces drying time required which is kinder to garments and saves on running costs.

This machine can be offered as a stacked option allowing either a washer with dryer above or a double dryer providing great space saving solutions.

Reversing is a very useful feature on tumble dryers to avoid ‘balling’ & ‘knotting’ & promote even drying & avoid excessive drying externally & wet inner.

This product is offered with the option of electric heat as the method of heating.  Other heating methods include steam, gas and thermal fluid.

Heat pump is a very effective energy saving technology which produces excellent results and there is no requirement to vent the dryer to atmosphere.

Thermal Disinfection process will maintain specific temperature for set amount of time. Viruses & bacteria are very sensitive to heat & will die if exposed to high temps.

This product has been produced to be suitable for 1PH 13amp power supply to promote simple installations to existing supplies without upgrading power.

This product contains high grade concentrated ingredients specifically intended to cut through difficult grease / proteinaceous staining for great results.

Sluicing is a feature whereby the washer will fill and dump repeatedly to flush the load which is a requirement when processing fouled / soiled incontinence type loads.

Specially formulated product with high grade concentrated perfume molecules.  We offer encapsulated technology to ensure weeks of fragrance bursts.

This machine has been designed to be energy efficient whilst achieving superb results and using less energy and producing cost savings along the way.

This product features safety options to promote safe and efficient productivity and protect your users from any mishaps during operation of the machines.

This product has been developed to be kind and gentle i.e. protect colours in clothing, be kind to skin and result in excellent preserved fresh clothing.

This product includes a sensor dry feature which detects the residual moisture in the load and dries until the require results are achieved which can be a % moisture.

This product has been designed for infection control i.e. ozone systems kill all infections including cdiff or barrier washers intended to prevent cross contamination.

This product has been designed to operate efficiently and utilise less energy in the process making it a product that would be energy saving.

This product includes eco friendly features designed to save on supply requirements i.e. water, electric or chemicals and be kinder to the environment.

Self cleaning is a feature whereby the product can be set on an auto program to clean itself keeping your product in great condition & saves time with manual efforts.

Recipes is a useful feature whereby the oven has many pre installed recipes to offer the user for guidance of producing many classic dishes with great results.

This product is built to high standards using high grade materials internally / externally i.e. stainless steel to ensure great performance and long lasting product.

This product includes an easy drain feature i.e. the draining of used oil within the fat fryer to make maintenance and operation simpler and more effective.

This oven features a variable speed option for the fan to promote all styles of cooking required and achieve optimal results every time.

This product has stainless steel features in its construction making it high grade, robust and long lasting.