What does HACCP
International do?
HACCP International is a leading food
science organisation specialising in
the assessment and certification of
equipment, materials and services used
by the food industry.
They provide proof to the food industry
that certified equipment is suitable for use
in a facility that manages food safety.
Developed through analysis of the needs
and challenges of laundry operators
across the globe, the Electrolux Line
5000 has been honored with HACCP
International Certification.
How does this benefit my
HACCP certification is only awarded
to equipment and materials that
demonstrates it meets strict food safety
standards after a comprehensive
evaluation by a team of assessors. It
is set to have a strong impact on the
restaurant, hospitality, food processing
and manufacturing industries as
businesses are now able to guarantee
bacteria control and food safety to
their customers, when looking to bring
laundry in-house.
Traditionally food manufacturing factories
have had to outsource their laundry to
guarantee cleanliness but the certification
of the Electrolux Professional Line 5000
range has provided the option to invest
in an on premises laundry with complete
peace of mind.
What are the benefits in
non-food related industries?
All businesses that serve food, such as
hotels, restaurants, caterers, care homes
and even hospitals, must conduct a
HACCP risk assessment to do 3 key things:
Consider all food safety hazards and
where they come from, for each food
handling activity.
Consider the controls needed to
eliminate or reduce hazards to a safe
Identify the process steps which are
critical to control.
With HACCP International certified laundry
solutions you can achieve the highest
hygiene and bacteria control, reduce risk
in the workplace and guarantee a worry-
free audit.
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